We feel proud when our community involves us!

We know that schools, communities, clubs, athletic organizations, etc. are always looking for ways to raise extra money. So we’ve made Fundraising easy, fun & profitable! Give our managers a call at 412-366-9899 to get started!


Here are some of our fundraising options!

  • Oreo Cookie Sandwich Sales
  • Ice Cream Sundae Bar at your Event (We donate 15% to your cause!)
  • Booster Booklets (You get $6 for each one you sell at $12)
  • Pie Fund Raisers
  • Blue Pop Ice Parties (We come to your event or school lunches, and donate 50% of all sales! Did we mention we do all the work?)
  • Online Fundraiser (Check out this short video for info!)
  • Car Washes (Bring your group to our lot!)
  • Lot Events (Yearly fund raisers for UMDF, NHCO, NHAC, NLPL, and more!)

Check out what we did with Animal Friends!